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The Internet is such an important part of modern life; people form relationships, debate, express their opinions, share photos, footage, ideas, home videos etc. Through interviews, imagination and research we come closer to finding out just exactly what, who, why the Internet is. What would it look like in material form? Is it emotional? Can Internet be trusted? Hello?...Is that you Internet? Internet is a 4 part series.

This series was first aired in on Resonance Extra 2017

We Can See Your Internet

What does the Internet look like? What would it look like as a form? How would it operate as a societal structure? Through research and interviews with Sculptors Sol Bailey-Barker, Jane Ackroyd and John Atkin we begin to uncover this mystery…

Express Internet! In this episode we look at whether the Internet is emotional. Has the Internet extended humans emotional landscape? Can we express things we couldn’t before? Has the Internet made humans feel new things? Or has it deepened how we feel existing emotions? Is the Internet emotional? How do users emotionally respond to the Internet?

Express Internet!

Can Internet be trusted?

Can Internet be trusted? The third episode in ‘Internet’ series. This relationship is getting more intense and I am just not sure how much I can trust Internet! Can I rely on it? How much can I tell Internet? I phone and talk to mutual friends to ask what they think about Internet. Are you friends with Internet too? What do you think?


This is the final episode in the series, Internet. Internet now gets the chance to speak and share who and what it is and will become. Thank goodness this is only fictional…?

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