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BOO! Merlin Nova triptych (photos by Lewis Hayward) copy.jpg

photography Lewis Hayward

BOO! is artist Merlin Nova’s debut album. This experimental electronic album combines Nova’s choral and theatrical background. Nova’s vocals metamorphose into different ‘characters’, sound effects set the scene and conjure images and, a ‘Greek chorus’ offers a commentary on the action. The album is in conflict, it’s a discussion; a response to contemporary politics and culture BOO! raises questions around what role we play.

Concept & Direction: Merlin Nova

Film: Lewis Hayward

Editor: Milo Creese

Concept & Direction: Merlin Nova
Editor & CGI: Milo Creese

'It is difficult to know the point of focus in this video as Nova, joined by movement artists ãssia and Katy Dye, delves into this visually syncopated landscape of found footage, layered images and textural distractions. brain fart is a multi-moving patchwork.'

Movement Artists: Katy Dye, ãssia & Merlin Nova
Concept & Direction: Merlin Nova
Camera: Zara Joan Miller, Amy Dickson
Editor & VFX: Tom Chisholm
Commissioned by FAT OUT

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