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Proposition of the Month

'In this series we explore how we can become a better species and make the world a better place for our descendants to forge futures in which they can thrive.'

Produced, Recorded & Researched by Merlin Nova

This series was commissioned by Proposition Studios



This episode explores human behaviour and action in relation to how we treat the Earth and tackle climate change. It includes an interview Kings College London Philosophy professor Maria Alvarez, environmental activist Robert Unbranded and Urban Growth's founding director Bruno Lacey.

Sustainable Development

In this episode the idea of sustainable development is explored. It includes interviews with two people who reside in sustainable communities; Cassandra Lishman who lives in a One Planet Development (Plas Helg) with her family and Serena Aurora who lives in Auroville (Tamil Nadu, India).

Political Development

This episode focuses on political development in relation to the energy industry; the limitations the current system has when supporting developments; and it explores some speculations around political development and climate change. There are also snippets from an interview with Professor of International Politics and Research Director of the Sustainable Consumption Institute, Matthew Paterson.

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