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Celebrating the moment, ‘oooooeeeeeyeah!’ is an energetic, off-kilter, semi-improvised dance banger. Nova’s vocals lend centre-stage to high passion pop warbles, which offer a journey between the very real and the fantastical supported by a reliable four-four beat. The music video, filmed and edited by Sophie le Roux, is a weird crossover of raw matter-of-fact documentation footage and colourful trippy reverie. Ever moving and ever changing, it’s a squirming odyssey of bodies. An ecstatic reveal of what happens when bodies move together and make shapes on the dance floor!

Camera/Edit: Sophie le Roux

Dancers: Alice Ashton, Jonny Keen Julie Reintjes, Lee Phillips,

Merlin Nova, Natan Natan, Sasha Mattock

Released by SLOW DANCE

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